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Straight and to-the-point: General Talk (literal) thread

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As we all (or most of us) know, we have gotten into some trouble with DNF Staff VantageSP. To avoid future trouble, I'm bringing the team's General Talk of all sorts here.
With permission from Cheren, this is where we are allowed to talk of all sorts of things.

But let's be reasonable, people. Please do not go super-ultra-mega-randomness-incarnate crazy. Let this chat proceed in the same fashion as observed in DNF: slowly going off-topic by replying to somewhat off-topic post and getting into a conversation. (Such as what happened with the conversation of books/movies and at Cheren's expense, "carpet". I have no idea what you people were getting at, but it reminded me of a Family Guy clip)

And let us all be thankful for VantageSP who was gracious enough to not give us warning strikes/bans of any kind even after deleting TWENTY-TWO pages of off-topic posts.


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Now that I see it that way Vantage was pretty nice with all of us because of not doing any kind of punishment, well I think Cheren would repost the link of the team forum so all new members know where to post something related to this team, unless he PM the link to every new member.

So what's on your mind people?

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